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Mobile App for Consumers
Product Strategy


Yoop is a "Name Your Own Price" app for shoes. This was an interesting project for me, because I was working with a very constrained time-line of one week, with the goal of elaborating on user stories, making wireframes, and then mocking up wireframes into the final product that you can see here:


The idea behind Yoop is to personalize the mobile shopping experience by initiating users to the app through a short, visually pleasing “personality test”. The app then surfaces shoes that might appeal to the user, one at time, using a design pattern that is familiar in dating apps such as Tinder and Hinge. Although Yoop certainly doesn't occupy the same realm, the point of the pattern is still relevant: by making the user focus on whether or not they're interested in one shoe at a time, Yoop helps decision-making and thereby improves conversion.


When a user has decided that they're interested in a certain shoe, they then bid on it and wait for a response. If the bid is within reason, the user will be able to purchase the shoe at the price that they offered.


I had a lot of fun working with this concept. The highlight of the project for me was delving deep into the UX behind e-commerce – listing all the sizes, colors, and details of a product, as well as providing shipping, payment options, and more.