Improving Graduation Rates


Early 2014 was a record snowy year in Boston, so Ross LeBeau and I spent it working on apps as freelancers. InfoMe was one our most interesting projects. A group of Harvard Graduate School of Education alumni contacted me and asked me to design an app to help students plan and manage their courses. I recommended Ross as a developer for the project. The end product was presented as a finalist in a multi-million dollar Educational App competition.

Our clients were experts in education and educational psychology, so they'd already created an in-depth plan for guiding students towards academic success. Ross and I were given informational decks summarizing their project plan and we worked together to create specific features that would work well for a mobile medium.


Lead Designer


Student Facing Mobile App
Pitch Deck
App Website
App Logo /Branding


Together, we wrote user stories to scope the project, provided detailed estimates, and worked in weekly sprints to deliver iterations. While I worked on wireframes, Ross created a robust architecture that could connect to data sources like college course catalogs and syllabi. We worked on a number of features, such as viewing current courses, grade, professors, and a completable reminder and task list for each course. We also created a course catalog planner, which allowed users to plan their upcoming semesters, including enforcing prerequisites and the number of credits required to graduate in their major.


One of the biggest challenges that we faced was working with a remote team of clients (all four teammates were remote, working from California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut). Arranging weekly 1-hour meetings over Google Hangouts was our solution to asynchronous work, and we were psyched to finish on schedule within our initial estimates, with a happy client.