Hi. I’m Alice — a designer who loves a hearty product debate, hackathons, delightful interactions, and obsessing over visual details.

Product Designer on Facebook Messenger

Head of Design at The Penumbra Podcast


To chat, email me at alice.psd@gmail.com



Facebook Messenger
Product Designer

Currently a designer straddling a few teams at Facebook Messenger. On Messenger's Human Interfaces team, I maintain and contribute to our Design System. On Lightspeed, I'm responsible for improving the usability of several core features of our broader product from a design systems perspective, and am leading the Android work-stream. I also collaborate closely with engineering as we work to get Messenger down to <30 MBs.


The Penumbra Podcast
Head of Design

I manage branding, marketing, photography, and overall design for our queer radio-drama podcast. It was co-created by college friends Sophie Kaner and Kevin Vibert, who produce, direct, and write. Other longtime friends act and/or collaborate on the operational team alongside us. We just wrapped Season 2, and hit over 4 million downloads!




Product Design Lead

I led product design at Wellframe, a Boston health-tech company that combines clinical programs and artificial intelligence to develop a powerful infrastructure for care delivery. My team built the live mobile and web dashboard products used daily by at-risk patients and their care providers. I’m proud of establishing a robust design process while growing and leading an in-house design team.


Senior User Experience Designer

I worked on the Google Play for Education team, focusing on streamlining content management and purchase flows used by different schools around the world. In this role, I prototyped Web and Android tablet flows with an in-house Javascript program, and created Material Design app icons. For a few months, I led UX Design when GPFE's Lead UX Designer went on paternity leave.