Optimizing Delivery Routes



Director of User Experience


Mobile App for Drivers
Web-Based Dashboard for Route Managers
Company Website / Branding

Foxtrot Systems developed a routing algorithm for optimizing delivery packing and routes, along with a web interface for the route managers.

After winning the MIT 100K pitch competition in 2014, they contacted me to design a real-time management iOS app for delivery drivers and a corresponding browser-based route manager dashboard. I worked with Ross LeBeau to implement the app, which was rolled out in a pilot program with Anheuser-Busch.


I worked closely with founders Doug and Patrick Coughran to create an MVP mobile app that accomplished a few simple goals for a delivery driver in a seamless, digital method. The delivery industry had stuck to printed paper lists of routes for years due to the pure simplicity of that system, so we knew we had to make our MVP intuitive and error-free in order to provide Foxtrot's main goals of creating a mobile and efficient system. Finally, I also worked on a few bits of marketing material for Foxtrot, iterating on their brand through their digital content.

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