design conference 2019

I went to Barcelona with Gordon, my friend and fellow designer on Messenger. He worked on Stories for a while, and at the time of this trip was focusing on improving the Notification system of our app. One of the best perks for designers at FB is that we’re allowed to attend one design conference per year, with a generous budget that is supposed to cover housing, plane tickets, your conference ticket, as well as transportation and food. In 2018, we’d gone to Copenhagen with a large group of designers and art folks from our team. This time, we wanted to head to Barcelona.

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I always felt like my college was Hogwarts. Each class had their own emblem, the Green Griffin, the Gold Sphinx, the Red Pegasi, the Blue Lions. (Unfortunately, I got stuck with the Blue Lions. Boring in the Hogwarts world, equally boring in the real world.) That part I'd say Mount Holyoke still retains, but the architecture of University of Glasgow is strikingly similar to Hogwarts. I'm pretty convinced that  J.K. Rowling must have been inspired by these arches or the spirally caps of the towers.