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Hi. I’m Alice — a designer who loves a hearty product debate, hackathons, delightful interactions, and obsessing over visual details.

Product Designer on Facebook Messenger

Head of Design over at The Penumbra Podcast




Facebook Messenger

Product Designer

Currently focusing on design systems for core Messenger experiences at FB HQ, and also supporting a remote team in Seattle. Mostly, I’ve been working closely with engineering to build a lightweight and snappy platform that performs well in areas with low internet coverage. Previously, I spent a few years on the Messenger Growth Team, focusing on user engagement and retention.


The Penumbra Podcast
Head of Design

I manage branding, digital media, marketing, animation, photography, and overall design for our queer radio-drama podcast. It was co-created by college friends Sophie Kaner and Kevin Vibert, who produce, direct, and write. Other longtime friends act and/or collaborate on the operational team alongside us. We just wrapped Season 2, and hit over 3 million downloads!





Product Design Lead

I led product design at Wellframe, a Boston health-tech company that combines clinical programs, data science, and artificial intelligence to develop a powerful infrastructure for care delivery.
My team’s mission was to build Wellframe's live mobile and web dashboard products, which are used daily by at-risk patients and their care providers. I’m proud of establishing a robust design process while growing/leading an in-house design team.



Senior User Experience Designer

I worked on the Google Play for Education team, focusing on streamlining content management and purchase flows used by different schools around the world. In this role, I prototyped Web and Android tablet flows with an in-house Javascript program, and created Material Design app icons. For a few months, I led UX Design when GPFE's Lead UX Designer went on paternity leave.