"Alice is a superb UI/UX designer who takes the time to understand client needs and objectives. She worked on the second iteration of CoachUp's mobile application and I was impressed with her ability to really get inside the mind of our target user base. She was able to come up with a user interface that was effective and intuitive while at the same time upholding the look and feel of CoachUp's brand. Would recommend her work to anyone looking for a creative UI/UX designer."

- Arian Radmand, Director of Engineering & Founder at CoachUp, Inc.


"I have indeed been very fortunate to work with Alice on numerous iOS apps. Alice demonstrates such a high degree of self-motivation and originality on her design that truly defies logic given the limited time she is given to accomplish the task. Alice also understands and recommends optimal user-flow given her experience in designing apps, which more than often helps developers better architect the application, keeping the user experience a top priority. Alice is also a ton of fun to hang out with, and given her aptitude, experience, and fun personality, she is a "must-have" in any application centric company."

- Praveen Aravamudham, Director of Programming and Development at H.H. Brown


"Alice is an excellent designer. She is a pleasure to work with through the entire design process from wireframes to final product. Her creative and functional redesign of our checkout flow significantly reduced the number of taps needed to finalize a purchase. I look forward to having a chance to work with her again, and give her my highest recommendation."

- Michael Yanoff, Founder and CEO at InShop


"Alice is an elite User Experience professional. She is not only extremely creative, but also highly technically proficient, while possessing an innate understanding of how users behave. She doesn't work in a vacuum; she makes sure all the work she does can be implemented easily and quickly without the need for a lot of back and forth. I've worked with Alice at both hackathons and as a client, and it's always been fun, exciting, and successful."

- Frank Malsbenden, Vice President / General Manager at Vision Retailing